Forest wellness

Gorski Lazi

Forest Wellness

The bio sauna is built as a separate cottage, heated by wood. It accommodates up to 6 people. The temperature in the bio sauna is slightly lower, ranging between 50 and 70°C. This lower temperature range, coupled with high humidity and use of natural essential oils, allows for a longer and more indulgent sauna experience. The  bio sauna is known for being gentler on the body compared to a traditional sauna, providing a comfortable relaxation experience that promotes blood circulation, detoxification, muscle, and mental relaxation. It's an ideal spot for those who prefer milder temperatures and higher humidity while enjoying the benefits of sauna bathing.

Next to the sauna, there's a stream and a small lake. There are plans to soon create a pool - a lake with both warm and cold baths. The entire 5000m² area will be transformed into a natural wellness oasis with plenty of amenities.

The forest wellness oasis is located a hundred meters from the Treehouse and Green house, and around three hundred meters of a leisurely walk from the Holiday Home parking.

The use of the sauna incurs an additional fee of 30€ / day.